Export Priors Rule

Export Priors Rule

Table 4.99 Export Priors Rule Attributes (LDAP Object: dcmExportPriorsRule)
Name Type Description (LDAP Attribute)



Arbitrary/Meaningful name of the Export Priors Rule


Exporter ID(s)


Exporter ID


Attribute Conditions(s)


Attribute Conditions in format (SendingHostname|SendingApplicationEntityTitle|ReceivingHostname|ReceivingApplicationEntityTitle|{attributeID})[!]={regEx}.


Time Conditions(s)


Apply this rule only within specified time ranges.


Entity Selector(s)


Specifies matching keys used to select prior Studies to export. Format: {key}={value}[&{key}={value}]…, with {key} = ‘priors’ | ‘StudyAge’ | {attributeID}. {value} in the format ‘$’{attributeID} are replaced by the value of the specified attribute from the received object which triggered the export. If no Entity Selector is specified, all prior Studies for the Patient will be exported. Example: ‘priors=2&StudyAge=-5Y&ModalitiesInStudy=CT’ => select at most 2 prior Studies not older than 5 years containing at least one CT Series.


Suppress Duplicate Export Interval


Suppress Export of Studies already exported not earlier than the specified interval to avoid duplicate exports.


Export Reoccurred Instances


Indicates if the entity shall be exported on subsequent occurrence of instances Enumerated values: NEVER, ALWAYS or REPLACE.