User Authentication Trigger Events

This message is sent if the archive is secured with Keycloak. The trigger events for this message are : - Login - Login Error - Logout - Logout Error Message Structure

Table 7.76 Entities in User Authentication Audit Message
Event Identification
Active Participant: Source
Active Participant: Archive application
Audit Source
Table 7.77 Event Identification
Field Name Opt Description
EventID M
EV (110114, DCM, ‘User Authentication’)
EventActionCode M
Execute ⇒ ‘E’
EventDateTime M
The time at which the event occurred
EventOutcomeIndicator M
Success ⇒ ‘0’
Minor failure ⇒ ‘4’
EventOutcomeDescription M
Error/Exception message when EventOutcomeIndicator ⇒ ‘4’
EventTypeCode M
Login or Login error cases ⇒ EV (110122, DCM, ‘Login’)
Logout or Logout error cases ⇒ EV (110123, DCM, ‘Logout’)
Table 7.78 Active Participant: Source
Field Name Opt Description
UserID M User name of logged in user
UserIDTypeCode U EV (113871, DCM, ‘Person ID’)
UserTypeCode U Person ⇒ ‘1’
UserIsRequestor M true
NetworkAccessPointID U IP address of calling user
NetworkAccessPointTypeCode U 2
Table 7.79 Active Participant: Archive application
Field Name Opt Description
UserID M
Device name of the archive device
UserIDTypeCode U
EV (113877, DCM, ‘Device Name’)
UserTypeCode U
Application ⇒ ‘2’
AlternativeUserID MC
Process ID of Audit logger
UserIsRequestor M
NetworkAccessPointID U
Hostname/IP Address of the connection referenced by Audit logger
NetworkAccessPointTypeCode U
NetworkAccessPointID is host name ⇒ ‘1’
NetworkAccessPointID is an IP address ⇒ ‘2’ Sample Message

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<AuditMessage xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://www.dcm4che.org/DICOM/audit-message.rnc">

    <EventIdentification EventActionCode="E" EventDateTime="2017-01-26T17:28:59.553+01:00" EventOutcomeIndicator="0">
        <EventID csd-code="110122" codeSystemName="DCM" originalText="Login"/>

    <ActiveParticipant UserID="admin" UserTypeCode="1" UserIsRequestor="true" NetworkAccessPointID="" NetworkAccessPointTypeCode="2">
        <UserIDTypeCode csd-code="113871" codeSystemName="DCM" originalText="Person ID"/>

    <ActiveParticipant UserID="dcm4chee-arc" UserTypeCode="2" AlternativeUserID="3390" UserIsRequestor="false" NetworkAccessPointID="localhost" NetworkAccessPointTypeCode="1">
        <UserIDTypeCode csd-code="113877" codeSystemName="DCM" originalText="Device Name"/>

    <AuditSourceIdentification AuditSourceID="dcm4chee-arc">
        <AuditSourceTypeCode csd-code="4"/>